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As youngsters, we all revelled in the daring exploits of our favourite comic superhero characters. Today these same icons have made a spectacular comeback into our lives, courtesy of a series of Hollywood blockbuster films and accompanying console games and merchandise. Indeed, there's hardly a household in the country that doesn’t bear some allegiance to the likes of Batman, Spiderman, Superman and their various spin-offs.

Without a doubt, superheroes are back in our lives!

Such is their status, however, they now come with price tags that more than matches that of the world's superstar elite; film stars, rock stars and royalty.

Which is why Max Speed could soon become your very best friend!

Max is a legend in his own lap time. He's flown wingtip to wingtip with the very best of them, he's driven a plasma fuelled rocket car at over 1000 mph (with dire consequences it has to be said!) and he's piloted a jet boat at the speed of sound.

Max is fast, fearless and futuristic.

He's got his own comic and he's featured in promotions, advertising, websites and even clothing.

What's more, he's open to offers.

Quite simply, Max Speed is a new generation of "superheros-for-hire" with the interests of your marketing team very much to the fore.

So, if you want to make a real statement in life, do something different by recruiting Max Speed today.

For further details contact Max's alter ego Guy Wrench on 01825 750699 or email


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